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Jan 8, 2019

Catch Part 1 of my interview with Mariette Fourmeaux on episode 009 of Leading with Light!

After 20+ years in business, developing innovative technologies to solve cancer, access to electricity and education challenges, Mariette Fourmeauxfounded Brilliance Inside in October 2017, after discovering the mechanisms of turning our society’s cycle of violence into one of transformation and healing.  It all starts with transforming prison from a container of violence to a creator of peace.  Brilliance Inside runs five programs inside Donovan state prison in California and one reentry program outside.  This unlikely journey for an Ivy League and Berkeley MBA graduate started with organizing a wildly successful TEDxDonovanCorrectional Event, transforming “societal throwaways” into a high-performance team.


You can learn more about her at:  .


“Leading with Light”, a divinely inspired podcast, is a wellspring for transformational leaders of today to fill up and align, to gather and be inspired, to create their visions in the world, leading with their light!  Join Your Hostess, Sky A’Hearn, Visionary Light Leader Extraordinaire, in the spirit of Deepak Chopra, Abraham-Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Vianna Stibal, and an alternative to Bruce Lipton, Don Miguel Ruiz, Dr. Joe Dispenza, & Gregg Braden in leading with your light! 


One person in alignment, is stronger than millions out of alignment! When we lead with our light, our true essence, our pure alignment, each moment of each day we inevitably step into leadership, change lives and make this world a better place.   Join Sky as she speaks with transformational leaders of today finding out what inspires them to lead with their light, helps bring them into alignment and makes their dreams come true! 



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